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"Alles Mode" is a fashion blog written by two people, Blythe and Charlotte, who are also best friends with very different styles and tastes in music. Blythe likes My Chemical Romance and Charlotte likes Taylor Swift (just too mention one each).

The name is what we get asked most about and is a reflection of the fact that there are two authors. While we both speak English and "Alles Mode" is written in English, we are both learning different languages. Blythe is learning French and Charlotte is learning German. "Alles" is German for "everything" and "mode" is French for "fashion." So with this name, we are incorporating everything that will be on the blog, the idea of two writers, and  something about each of us.

Even though our blog name does mean "everything fashion," we will probably also include some things on here that don't fit into the fashion category: things like music, books we are reading, interior design, any thing we feel is interesting, inspires us, or that we want to share. After all, we are interested in lots of different things besides fashion, fashion just is sometimes the most often thought about and discussed.

As you can tell from our archives, we're pretty new at this, having only started our blog in September of 2010. Pageviews still hold their charm for us, and we send each other texts in all caps with many exclamation points when we get new followers, fans and hypes on Lookbook, and any kind of comments. Hopefully that will always be that way, and we'll always be as thankful for our readers as we are now.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

-Charlotte and Blythe


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