Saturday, September 11, 2010


 Before we start with our first post, we just wanted to take a moment to remember what happened on this day nine years ago. 

"They were snatched from us all too soon, but they lived well. And they live on in our memory, and they live on, in you."

-President Barack Obama 9/11/10


Hey, this is Blythe and Charlotte with our newly formed blog, Alles Mode. This blog is all about fashion. Since we are both very, well, obsessed to say the least, our blog is our way of getting all that we want to contribute to the fashion world out into the open! We both love anything to do with writing, photography, art, and fashion, so the blog might include some non fashion related things as well. In addition to speaking English, Blythe speaks some/is learning French and Charlotte speaks some/is learning German. This is where the blog name came from. "Alles" is German for "everything" and "Mode" is French for "fashion." Since the blog will be written by two people, we figured that the name should represent both of us as well.

Blythe: This is Blythe typing and I just wanted to share a little bit about myself. My fashion sense is a bit eccentric, for lack of a better word and often times kind of gothic. (Not in like the black lipstick, black clothing way, but a little bit of that element mixed with more preppy things.) I love anything that's weird, odd, or strange and I am addicted to fantasy novels. So a lot of the time I try to find inspiration from my books for my outfits. I usually have a very weird sense of humor too, but am actually a very happy person! 

Charlotte: My style could probably be described as conservative, especially compared to Blythe's, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is (we both are actually). So I guess I would describe my style as preppy/conservative with a modern edge to it (which isn't always portrayed in what I wear). I love frilly romantic stuff with ruffles and lace but I also love clean, edgy, and modern things as well. 

We hope you enjoy our blog! Stay tuned!

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-Blythe and Charlotte


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