Monday, December 20, 2010

Keyhole DIY

So since this is a rather long post, we're going to do this like a pick-your-adventure book. If you would like to read about why there are so many DIY posts, continue reading. If you are thinking, "I just want to hear about the DIY!!" skip the first paragraph (I'll mark where to start reading). Seriously, go skip ahead if you want. It won't hurt my feelings :)


Hope you guys don't mind all the DIY posts. I'm feeling rather inspired at the moment in terms of DIY, but sadly not with my wardrobe. I've been feeling rather stuck with what's in my closet, but I'm working on being more creative. I have to say, I've earned much more respect for those who've done the 30 for 30. Blythe and I would like to do the 30 for 30, but as for me, right now, I think I need a working closet first (with some long sleeve shirts. For some reason, I've had a lot of difficulty finding cute long sleeve shirts that I'll want to wear again for years to come). So, anyway, a long story short, I'm looking at a lot of DIY to help me repurpose what I have in my closet or to know what I'm looking for in terms of new clothes.


Where to start if you just want to read about the DIY :)

Which brings me to the above pictures. How fabulous is this dress? It was made by Meredith of Yours, Mine and Ours, and she was kind enough to let me use these pictures for a post! I would highly suggest you check out her blog! She as awesome style and is very innovative and inspiring for those of use who have a clothing budget. Seriously, she gets a lot of her stuff for free! See what I mean here. And she made this dress! I'm seriously impressed. To see the post these pictures are from, click here.

For starters, I really love the colors in this dress and the combination of yellow and blue. I think it's a gorgeous dress, especially the pattern in the top, but what I love most is the neckline.

I've always liked round keyhole necklines, but somehow they've always looked awkward on me. So when I saw the neckline of this dress, I was really inspired. I really like the triangle shaped cut out as opposed to the regular tear drop shape. So right now I'm trying to figure out how I can make my own version of this shirt with a similar neckline. What I'm thinking is that cutting out the triangle shape that I want and then stitching the sides (like the sides of a blanket--I forget what the stitch is called--just closer together) so that the shirt doesn't unravel. Then, because I really like the lines around the neckline and the hole that serve as borders, I might embroider lines in those shapes. This is totally all in theory, and I know it will really depend on what kind of fabric I use. I'm thinking about buying a cheap basic shirt from Forever 21, but I'd love to hear anyone's input first.

Thanks, guys!


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