Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Carnival Day (complete with laughter)

Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Thrifted Cole Haans

The reason I named this post Carnival Day is because this jacket reminded me of those old-fashioned carnivals, the one with the merry-go-rounds and the ferris wheels and the scary clowns. The red and black with the gold trim was so much like one of those guys who announce things... I can't think of what they're called and that was just a really broad description...
Anyways, I just really liked the jacket. I was really lucky to find the shoes because I've been looking for a pair of shoes with that kind of heel for a long time and the ones that I found just happened to be Cole Haans. Bonus: They make my feet look tiny, a very incredible thing.

The shorts and t-shirt are just things that I've had for forever and the tights are a basic staple to my wardrobe. 

So I just wanted to share a deep and meaningful experience with you that happened to me about 10 minutes ago. As I was taking these pictures in my front yard, a car drove by and I could clearly see the girl in the passenger seat pointing at me and laughing.
Being the kind person that I am, I turned away, muttered something not very nice to myself and finished taking my pictures. Even thought I tried to forget the incident, I still felt self-concious about my appearence and hurried taking the last few pictures. I guess what i am trying to say is that we will all get ridiculed at least once in our lives. But why should we feel self-concious or embarassed? Why should we feel bad for being different? At least we are being ourselves, at least we are doing something with our lives. Anything similar happen to you all? 

So, to end this post in the words of Three Days Grace, "We are the ones. We get knocked down. We get back up and stand above the crowd. We are the ones." (from the song, "One-X) 



  1. i totally see the link between the jacket and a carnival. EXCEPT, you're way chicer than any ring master I've ever seen:)

  2. Aw thanks! that's the word that iwas thinking of! Ring master! :)


  3. Cute coat! I really like it a lot! I wish I could find a coat like that thrifted! Ahh how I love thrift stores :)

  4. yes thrift stores are my own little personal heaven on earth :)


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