Thursday, December 16, 2010



123, 4

12, 3, 4


I'm really in love with just about everything LuLu's has in it's shop right now. It's kind of ridiculous, how many tabs I had open going through their site. Basically, this is the cut down version, because I didn't want this post to keep going on and on forever, and because I was afraid what would happen if I opened too many tabs. I mean, I didn't even look at everything they have on their website. So, in short, I think I need to revise my Christmas list.


All pictures were copied from the LuLu's website. 


  1. couldn't agree more :) I love that wallet! xo -nb

  2. very, very cute stuff. but that clutch is out of this world. I WANT it!

  3. Thanks guys (you have no idea how excited I got to see two comments on such a recent post)! I know! That wallet is going to the top of my Christmas list! And I might just try to DIY it!


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