Monday, February 28, 2011


Blue Shirt: Forever 21
Lace Shirt: Target
Vest: Macy's
Pants: Hollister
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: Dillard's 
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


I've been so excited to share these pictures with you all ever since I did this photoshoot! That shoot was probably the best  I've ever done! I did have a photographer for this shoot, and I'm so glad I did! He was the one who actually found this wall. I had completely looked it over! I can't believe I missed something that bright orange! After we took these pictures, I realized they had the orange and blue color combination Jill talked about in a post a while back. What were the odds that we would find an orange wall? I would totally call a bluff on myself if this photoshoot took place in my town, but it didn't. We actually were taking a little day trip, and so totally, by chance, happened upon this wall.

And besides the fact that this photoshoot went well and resulted in pictures I'm quite proud of, and the fact that the lighting was fabulous and chance was on our side, I'm also rather found of this outfit. I dreamed it up while I was drifting off too sleep, which normally doesn't result in successful outfits, but this one surprised me. Aren't those just the best kinds of surprises?

And now for some outtakes: 

.....I was trying to spin.

Hope you all had a great Monday!


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