Sunday, March 13, 2011


Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Dress: Forever 21/ Belt: Vintage/ Tights: Target/ Shoes: DSW


Blythe and I saw someone in an all monochromatic outfit and were immediately inspired. Her outfit was quite like this one, actually. She wore dark tights, a dark dress, and a dark shirt, and it looked really great! For my version, though, I wanted to have an accent color. So when I was putting together this look, this brown belt seemed like the perfect touch. Although, I did match my belt and shoes, which normally I think is a no-no. Actually, to be honest, I think that might fall in the never-ever-do-this-unless-you-want-to-look-like-you-have-no-style, but every rule has exceptions, right? And I think this exception looks pretty good! We'll go with that. 


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