Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purple, Purple, Blue, Blue

Top: UO/ Cardigan: Target/ Scarf: TJMaxx/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: UO/Belt: Forever 21

This outfit is one of the most matchy-matchy ones I think I've had on the blog, but I liked that the matching was in accessories instead of pieces. Also, when I realized how well everything went together, I couldn't help but wear it. Even though I do like this outfit and I don't like what I wore then, it reminds me a lot of my freshman year. I suppose because I wore this cardigan a lot, but it always throws me off a bit when that happens! 

Anyway, on an unrelated note, are any of you guys going to see Like Crazy? I was totally planning on it, but then it turns out it doesn't play in my area. It actually seems like it doesn't play in my state at all, but I'm not going to be dramatic. But seriously if you are, I'm jealous. Tell me how it was and if you liked it!


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