Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Top: Buffalo Exchange/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Cardigan and Scarf: H&M/ Belt: Vintage

Since I've been focusing a lot on colors, I knew I had to try out an outfit with primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.  Originally, this outfit started as just the top and cardigan, but I felt like it was missing something, and it was definitely the scarf. I really liked this color combination, and so I think I'll have to look to the color wheel for more inspiration! I already did with the red and green outfit, since those colors are opposite each other on the wheel (there's a term for that...and I forgot it), and not just Christmas colors, but I'm excited to try other things like orange and purple!


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  1. Your outfit is super fun today, the belt is sweet!


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