Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Cardigan: Gap/ Shirt: Vintage/ Buttons: Music Store/ Jeans: Gap (?)/ Hat: UO

I've mentioned my brother a couple times on this blog, and so a few weeks ago, I decided to take some quick pictures of one of his outfits. We have pretty different styles, since he is probably one of the most hipster people I know (he's big on multicolored, chunky knit, patterned sweaters and obscure reference shirts), but I did like his very neutral outfit and thought I'd share it with you guys! I've still been meaning to do my own, inspired by both my brother and Pinterest, but don't tell him that! Wouldn't want him to get an ego;) 

I don't think this'll be a feature or series, but I might post some more of his outfits in the future! We definitely had fun taking these pictures, though shooting the first few was a bit of a challenge (remember that super awkward time you first tried to take outfit pictures? Actually, let's not think about it). Convincing him that masks are cool was a bit tricky, as well, but I really like how these turned out.


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  1. Gap? The cardigan and jeans definitely look like the ones I saw at H&M in the supersexycoolguy section


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