Monday, March 12, 2012

Taken from the Boys

Top: Old Navy/ White Jacket: Amazon/ Cropped Jacket: JC Penny's/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: UO

For whatever reason, I always see guys in movies do this weird jacket double up where they'll wear a hoodie with another jacket on top. Maybe it's because I've grown up in the South (that's definitely it), but I've only seen someone do that in real life once. I mean, I've seen a hoodie and a big winter jacket on top, but this combination? Never. For whatever reason, I always think of Percy Jackson & the Olympians when I think of this jacket thing. That's the one movie I had a definite memory of seeing the jacket thing in, but I know I saw it before that too. 

Anyway, all that rambling to say I decided to try it out myself! I saw a girl in my English class pull it off much better than I did (with more of a winter jacket and a real hoodie), but it was fun to try this out. 

Also, as crazy as it seems, Spring is officially here! I know it's true for two reasons. One, the honeysuckle in my backyard is in bloom! I totally adore these flowers, and they smell amazing! But also, my yard has suddenly become covered in ant piles. So outfit pictures are a little tricky now, to say the least. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say there's not even a foot between all the ant piles. That's how many there are and how close together they are! It's crazy!

I'm feeling a bit better (these pictures are from about two weeks ago), but not completely, so posting might be a little scattered again this week. I wasn't even well enough to take the SAT last weekend, which was incredibly frustrating, so I'm really trying to just get better right now. Sorry about that!


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  1. I love the double jacket look as well! I have a scarf that has a hoodie attached that is sort of the "cheating" way of doing it, but I'm not great at styling it. (it sounds like it would be simple, too, right?! haha)

    You totally pulled this off! Not only did you get your layers perfect, but I think the colors are too die for. Keep on borrowing from the boys, it's working for you! :)


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