Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling French

Top: Jcpenny's
Skirt: Dillard's
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Hey this is Blythe! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's been a busy week. So onto the outfit:
This is the outcome of my latest thrift store raid. I spent a total of 5.28 and got these shoes and the bag! Now the bag is a little special because I put my own twist on it. You know how everyone has been seen with the tiny little bags with chain straps? Well, I saw those too and I wanted one really really badly. So Saturday, I was on the hunt for a faux fur vest (explanation on another post coming soon) and I saw this bag and instantly loved it. The metallic sheen on it was so pretty and i loved the size of it too. The only problem was, it had one of those nasty ribbon straps on it. So I had this amazing idea of changing the strap to a silver chain I found at Michael's and voila! My bag was born.
Now onto the shoes. These are so cute and actually very in right now. Being me, i didn't notice that until after Charlotte pointed this out. Oh well. They're a size seven and a half, a little bit of a tight squeeze for my size eight boat feet, but I was determined to "make it work," in the infamous words of Mr. Tim Gunn. The label is Margaret J. (anyone know who that is?) and they are my new favorite shoes besides my Ann Taylors that I found for 2$ in a thrift store out of town. (will post those soon as well) I felt very Chanel in this outfit, which I decided to play up with the red lipstick and minimal jewelry. Of course with this kind of bag, you don't really need any other shiny sparkly thing.
Anyways there's my outfit for the day. My beautiful bag and my two-toned shoes. Love them!
See ya, Blythe

P.S. That's writing on my left hand, if you were wondering :)

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