Monday, September 27, 2010

The Faux/Real Issue

So an issue has come up again recently with the presentation of Chanel's new clothing. This is the only time in history that it is considered fashionable to cover yourself from head to toe in fur. But then the question is, real or faux?
The reason that I bring up this issue is because I am a vegetarian and don't like buying real fur or leather. (Not that it's ever in my price range, but still.) So I've also been recently wanting a fur vest (mentioned in last post) and I am iffy about whether it's okay to buy vintage fur. I probably won't, since I'll still feel horrible about wearing it, but I also feel that it's good to look at all your options. So anyways, here are a few faux fur options that I think are really cute and are pretty well priced. For those of you who make money. :)

First Brown Vest: Delia's
Second: Fred Flare
Beige and Tan: Macy's
Dark Brown: Macy's
Cropped Dark Brown: Macy's
Grey and Brown: Dillard's
Third Brown Vest: Urban Outfitter's
Black and White Leopard Print: Forever 21
Leopard Print: Chico's
Fourth Dark Brown Vest: Etsy
Multi colored Vest: Etsy
Blue and Black: Etsy
Light Brown and Grey: Etsy

  No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

See ya, Blythe :)

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