Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Inspiration Collage for Fall

   So here's a few of my thoughts for fall. I really like the classic trench coat look, but I would definitely add my own twist on it, like with the floral shorts and a t-shirt or something.
Plaid Coat- Lulu's
Animal Print Sweater- Obey
Bomber Jacket- Journey's
Patterned dress- Obey
Studded Clutch- Obey
Cream Cropped Cardigan- Forever 21
Classic Trench- Lulu's
Bow with Stripes Cardi- Hot Topic
Black Oxfords- Lulu's
Floral Shorts- Lulu's
Turquoise Top- Vintage
Red Shirt- Hot Topic

 See ya, Blythe

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