Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fallen Leaves

1st dress: Local Craft Fair
Necklace: Thrift store
2nd dress: Local Craft Fair
Shoes: Thrift
Bracelet: Thrift
Necklace: Thrift

So these dresses are my newest and latest purchase from the wonderful Arts and Crafts Fair in our area. They are really cool and I love them!!! I especially like the 1st one, the kind of flowy one with the black and gray geometric design. I decided to play that up with a black necklace and black boots. I don't have a picture of the boots, but if you look at the post, The Old Brick Wall, they are on there.
I wear them too much.
But anyway, onto the second dress. I found this at the same place as the first one, but the two are very different. I love how the attached sweater on it makes it look kind of vintage, and then the roses on the skirt help make it a touch more modern. The braclet that I have on is one that I found at a thrift stre and I absolutely love it! Anyways, there are my two new adorable dresses!!!
See ya, Blythe

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