Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Patterns

Beyond Vintage

I really love the shape of this.

Patterson J. Kincaid

Okay so I know these first two weren't exactly "patterned" but I loved them all the same! The transparent panels on this one and the scrunchy sleeves! Adore!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Is it really a surprise I included Marc? This one is gorgeous! The small circles are sequins, and I can just imagine how much more interesting this can make any outfit. That's what I've really been working on lately, by the way, is to have interesting outfits, not just "cute" ones, to challenge myself.

Juicy Couture

I'm actually surprised that Juicy is on this list. I'm a little apprehensive about Juicy, but maybe it's just that I'm just speaking from my dislike of  their sweats and logo clothes. Definitely not a fan of those, though I do have to admit they do look comfy (what sweats don't?). But I really love the patterns on this one. Not to mention how cosy it looks! Colors, texture, knit, everything makes this a perfect fall cardigan.

Oh, Piperlime, you've done it again. For some reason, I always look to you when my reasonably priced stores fail me. Silly, silly me. If you need me, I'll be in the corner how to sew.

I'm actually planning two DIY's on that subject. No, make that three! As soon as I have more progress on those (like, when they are more than just food for thought) I'll be sure to post!


I do not own any of these images. They were all found on under the search "patterned cardigans."

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