Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dorien Coremans

I wish I had this girl's skill. Seriously. Every single picture on her Flickr account  is one that I would have considered it a life achievement to shoot. Besides the fact that they are all incredibly creative, I love the feeling that you get when you look through her photos. I always want to go and live in this beautiful, light, peaceful world that seems to exist only in these pictures. If I could, I would pull a Marry Poppins and hop on right into these pictures. If you have a moment, I would strongly suggest looking through her photo stream. And if you don't have a moment, you should make one because you're missing out. 

So anyway, if you want the abbreviated version (and we all know the abbreviated version is never as good as the actual version. But word abbreviations are a different story.), above are some of my favorites. There are so many more that I had to leave out! Because Flickr can protect your photos and there is a lot of legal stuff that goes with it so that no one steals your pictures, you can't right click, copy, and paste, which is why the last few are just links. The other pictures are from her blog, which I would also recommend checking out. Go on and click away! I can guarantee you'll be inspired! I always am. 


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