Friday, November 19, 2010

Graphic Tees

Aerosmith Tee- Delia's

Combat Boots Tee- Delia's

Dirty Dancing Tee- Delia's

Green Day Tee- Delia's

I Still Heart You Tee- Delia's

No Doubt Tee- Delia's

Retro Photographer Tee- Delia's

Sixteen Candles Tee- Delia's

Alice Tee- Delia's

White Rabbit Tee- Delia's

I Love Unicorn Tee

Unicorn Tee- Modcloth

Novel Tee in Girl Sleuth

Nancy Drew Tee- Modcloth

Formal Feline Tee

Cat Tee- Modcloth

Think Outside the Fox Tee

Fox Tee- Modcloth

So recently, I've been focusing on the idea of simpler clothing. I tend to go over the top with my outfits, so I decided that I would challenge myself and try pairing a simple graphic tee with either jeans or a skirt. I've been trying to find some cute tees that don't look juvenile, because that's really easy to do. So I've found some that I think are cute, even though my 80's movies obsession is apparent in the first couple of t-shirts. The bonus with the Delia's shirts is that they are all on clearence! The Modcloth ones weren't, but they are still pretty reasonable prices.
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All images are from the above websites.
To get to the pages for these products, click the image. 

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