Friday, November 19, 2010

Summer Turquoise

Another outfit post from the summer. This particular friend of mine is one that I could basically photograph every single thing she wears and use them for blog posts. Seriously. She's got amazing taste. But again, I forgot to ask where she got this stuff. Sorry about that! I think I forgot for all my summer stuff. I'll get that info from them, though! 

But anyway, I really love this dress, both in the color and the ruffles at the top and bottom. I think it's kind of funny though, that the color that I've been obsessed with, since the start of summer, really, is turquoise. It's my favorite color. So that's one of the reasons I was so excited when this outfit was worn. Just an odd coincidence, but this outfit was just another reason why I love that color. The shoes are awesome too, and they seem perfect for the semi-casual, summery day that is was. 

Looking at these pictures now, probably what I love about this friend's style is that it is always very effortless. She's always incredibly put together and always manages to look amazing, so you should expect to see some more soon! 

I have planned to photograph some fall outfits this weekend, so they'll hopefully be on here soon! I also just got Photoshop, so I'll be messing with that, too. So fingers crossed that picture editing quality might improve soon! Blythe and I have also been planning another thrift store shopping trip, and we're still working on showing you guys the fruits of the last one. So stay tuned for all that and more! 


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