Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Summer,

Shirt: Old Navy Clearance
Shoes: DSW Clearance (80% off!!)

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, guys. Blythe and I saw these shoes when we went to DSW after Black Friday and I really liked them, but something kept me from buying them. I kept thinking about them in the weeks after and so when I went to go Christmas shopping, I stopped by just to see if the shoes were there. Well, they were, and they fit! And so since they were about $12 from an original price of $90 AND real leather (!) I just had to buy them! I really love them and I can't wait to wear them in the summer! 

The shirt was something I found on clearance in Old Navy and I immediately liked as soon as I picked it up from the rack. I have a real soft spot for any kind of romantic-y top and so I fell hard for this one. It even has my favorite kind of puffy 3/4 sleeves! It might be a little big at the sides so I'm thinking about attaching a piece of ribbon or lace so I can tie the shirt at the back, but I'm not sure yet! 

I really can't wait to wear these pieces together! They would make for the perfect semi-casual summer outfit like to go to the movies or something, especially with a poofy skirt: 


These skirts have the perfect shape, but I think I'd ideally want something with a lot of color and with a big print. Old Navy had something similar in their stores, but sadly they're not online, or I would show you guys. Sigh. I miss you, summer. 


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