Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Human Bunny Lake that Advised on the West Side while feeling Vertigo

     The Human Factor (1979)

      Advise & Consent  (1962)

Vertigo (1958)

Saul Bass is a legend in the film industry who has done work on title sequences and movie posters. I just discovered his work today, and I have to say, I am blown away. Not only did he work on classics films with classic actors (Robert De Niro) and directors (Alfred Hitchcock) but he also created an impressive number of movie posters. Though Bass didn't always create posters in this graphic style, quite a few are, namely the ones I've shown here. I have to say, these are my absolute favorites of all the posters he's worked on. 

What I like the best is the style that these are executed because most of them have very clean lines with a very limited color pallet (Bunny Lake being the exception). I love the use of limited detail, shadow, color, and text in these posters because they are dramatic and attention-grabbing, without losing any artistic beauty. In a way, they remind me of Barbara Kruger's black, white, and red images combined with text. Of course they have the same color pallet, as well as attention getting text, but what stands out most to me as a comparison is the simplicity. Both artists let the images speak for themselves by letting them stand alone. Artists can often find it hard to know when to stop working and adding and these two are masters at knowing when to stop. And it's beautiful. Though I like a lot of Kruger's work, I like Bass's a bit better, I suppose because there is the additional promise of a film with an equally beautiful plot. 

Anyway, these are the kinds of movie posters that I would want to hang up somewhere--after watching the movies of course--just because I think they are stunning. Absolutely stunning. 

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a fabulous day!

I got my information about the posters Bass worked on here and here
All the poster image sources can be found by clicking on the title underneath the picture. 

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