Friday, December 31, 2010

Pickwick Post: Jo and Amy

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: Gifted/Target
Shoes: Ross
Coat: Handed down to Charlotte 

Shirt: C&C California (Bluefly)
Skirt: Dillard's and Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Dillard's
Pink Necklace: Old Navy
Gray Necklace: Sam Moon 
Trench coat: Handed down 

Blythe and I recently found the Pickwick Ladies Book Club and we really liked the idea, so we decided to do a post for December. There is a new book a month and this month's book was Little Women. So to do a Little Women inspired shoot and outfits, Blythe and I both picked a character. Blythe was Jo and I was Amy. 

The setting that we chose for these pictures was meant to reflect the time period and the fancy-ness of "sitting rooms." The sofa, rug, and painting are all really old things that have been passed down in my family, so I was pretty lucky to be able to take pictures in this "sitting room."

For Jo, Blythe wanted to reflect her rebellious character, which was shown in the combat boots and mixing the prints in the skirt and scarf. Blythe skirt is also shorter than mine, hitting the ankle instead of the floor, which is also reflective of Jo. The denim shirt adds a tomboy feel, and we felt that the time period pocket watches was shown in the clock necklace. Because Jo is a tomboy, Blythe also kept her color pallet in blacks and blues. The coat that Blythe wore is much simpler than Amy's with hidden buttons and no embellishments such as a belt. It is also a simple gray color instead of Amy's pink coat. 

For Amy, I wanted to show her feminine and romantic character. To do this, I added a frilly "petticoat" at the bottom of the gray skirt and lots of details, such as a multi colored belt, puffed sleeves, and many necklaces. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, Amy's coat was pink instead of Jo's simple gray. It also had buttons and a belt. 

While we think both these outfits are reflective of the characters we wanted to portray, Blythe's outfit is much more wearable than mine. She would wear that outfit, while I wouldn't wear  mine, which was not exactly what I was going for, but for the exercise, I do like the effect. 

Doing outfits based on books was really fun, and Blythe and I are excited for next month!



  1. Love your black boots! Now following you hope you can do the same.

  2. I adore the purple lining in that jacket!


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