Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Other Woman

Found here

I'm not really a Natalie Portman fan. I mean, I think it's really awesome that she graduated from Harvard, but I don't really care for the movies I've seen her in and the roles that she tends to play. But all that aside, I am in love with this movie poster. It's absolutely gorgeous on so many levels. Everything is kept very simple by the only changes being made in the color to add value. The differences are subtle and it makes this poster stand out. Attention is grabbed in a very different way that most movie posters we see: in a way without guns and stuff like that. It's very interesting, clean, simple, and beautiful. It will definitely be inspirational and will affect water colors I do in the future. So to keep it as a reference, I'm going to glue this poster in my sketchbook.

What do you do to keep inspiration? Are there any movie posters that you love or inspire you?



  1. I love that it looks like a watercolor. And it almost looks like the way you would picture something in a dream or a memory.


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