Friday, January 7, 2011

Style Resolutions--Color

Color Resolution 2
Top Row: 1 (from here), 2, and 3 (both from here)
Bottom Row: 1 and 2 (both from here)

Color Resolution 1

Top: 1 (from here), 2 (from here), 3 (from here)
Bottom: 1 (from here), 2 (from here) ,3 (from here)

Sorry if some of these pictures are a tad blurry. I tried to put them into two files so that I would have a huge photo-heavy post, but sometimes some pictures had to be really small so everything would fit.

So to continue on my style resolution posts (see the first one here), here is my final post about color. I often find myself wearing really similar things using the same color schemes and pieces. This post ties into the last one, actually, because color is often a key part in patterns and making outfits more interesting. These lovely ladies above have all inspired me throughout the year, often with their color choices, pairing things together that I wouldn't have tried. So that is my second style resolution--to try new color combinations I probably wouldn't have to make my outfits more interesting.

That's what it all seems to be coming to lately, I suppose because I've been feeling relatively limited and bored with my wardrobe. So that's why I've posted these style resolutions. They will be ways to challenge myself both in my everyday clothes and in the outfits I post here. I'm also going to keep these resolutions in mind as I go shopping this year. I'm determined to only buy pieces that I will want to wear years from now--especially things that are statement pieces, things I can wear multiple ways, and things that inspire me.

So, a little late, but here's to the new year, and my style resolutions.


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  1. I love all of your examples! I was realizing lately that while I have tons of vivid PATTERNED pieces, I don't have a ton of vivid solid pieces. I need to rethink that! I love the examples of the solid colorblocked looks in this collage!


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