Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Different Wedding Dress

I'm not planning on getting married any time soon, but I really love this video. There is so much detail and dazzling color in every single one of these pieces. It's just incredible. And different. Everything coming out lately from Athropologie and Urban Outfitters' wedding lines has been totally stunning and I love all the pieces. But basically, almost everything is the standard white dress.  That being said, I have a total weakness for the white dress, and that's what I'll probably get married in, if I do one day (hopefully one from those lines, to be honest :) ). The tradition and simplicity behind the white dress is beautiful, but these South Asian dresses are gorgeous in a different way. It's nice to see something you usually don't. And even if you don't personally like these dresses, you've got to at least admire the detail that goes into everything, including the groom's clothes. 

And if you still don't like those outfits, hey, at least you saw something different. 'Cause that's what fashion is about, right? Coming up with and trying something new. 


P.S. I really like "Royal Pains," and because of this video, I'm really excited to see what Divya's (am I spelling that right?) wedding dress will look like. Of course, because it's kind of a drama, there are doubts about there even being a wedding, but that's beside the point. I'm dying to know now what color they'll pick, what style, everything. Do you guys watch the show? What do you think? Don't you just adore Divya's style? 

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  1. I just was talking about Divya's style today. My husband and I were watching Thursday's episode, and I said that I didn't want her to leave the show when she got married. Hubs was like, "that's because she's trendy." I like seeing what she wears, and I'd love to have her wardrobe.


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