Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

It's difficult for us to put everything we're thinking and feeling about Japan into words. There is no way we can even imagine what those there are going through.We wish that we could express this and write on the level that Jill does, but we're not sure we can. We'll just try.


This post has been sitting in our drafts folder pretty much since the earthquake and tsunami struck, and we've been thinking and turning this subject over in our minds, trying to express our disbelief, sadness, and dumbfounded confusion.  It's hard to comprehend the level  of damage and terror that have been created by this disaster (we'd suggest you look at these satellite photos, if you haven't already, and read Rumi's post), especially for those of us who were blessed enough to not be in the affected area. At least for us, there's a bit of a disconnect in the sense that it's hard to believe that this is real, and not just some weird movie, even when some of our friends and their friends have been directly affected (they're all safe, thank goodness). It all seems just so surreal. And we'd prefer to keep on a fog of naiivete, change the TV channel, ignore the news, and tell ourselves that this is just a film. It's certainly easier. Although there is one thing. When you're watching a movie, there's nothing you can do to change what's going on besides screaming at the screen.

 We can do something to help Japan. 

Tomorrow, Friday the 18, there will be a Bloggers Day of Silence. This event is partially a fundraiser, where donations go to  ShelterBox, an organization that puts together supplies that people might need. Right now, it's snowing in Japan, and these people have close to nothing.

We're going to go through with Jill's idea, and donate money we were going to spend on ourselves. Anonymously. There are many other ways to help, if you're not a blogger, and we recommended that you read this article.

Sources: here and here

The world has offered her help, and we're going to contribute not only with a donation. Japan and her people are in our thoughts and prayers, and indeed, they will never walk alone. 

-Blythe and Charlotte 

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