Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wild Child








Cropped Jacket: JC Penny's/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Famous Footwear/ Shirt: Forever 21/ Scarf: Vintage 


Did you see that number right above these words! I'm almost at 25! My 30 for 30 will be over before I know it! 

This outfit is kind of different from what I usually wear. It's sort of hard to describe what it is exactly...maybe the combination of red and tan. But I like that. Especially for the 30 for 30, it's nice to have an outfit that shows part of my style that usually doesn't appear. Although the only differences is in the color. Everything else is classic me. We wouldn't want too much change in one outfit, would we? I mean, I'm not a wild child. People do make that mistake sometimes, though. I think it's my motorcycle that does it. 


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  1. LOVE the print on that scarf. It's so pretty! I agree with your observations of the 30 for 30 (I did the challenge last time around). It's nice how participating in a challenge like this can encourage you to create outfits that showcase other parts of your style and personality. Great look!


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