Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Times Two: Green and Brown





Welcome to our second edition of Times Two! This week, we decided to do outfits based on a color scheme that I, Charlotte, have always have ridiculous trouble with--brown and green. It's actually been a big debate between me and my mom for as long as I can remember. She argues that of course you can wear green and brown together because brown is a neutral. I've always disagreed because the combination of green and brown, especially with a green shirt and brown pants, has always reminded me of trees. So I thought this would be a great challenge for Times Two! It'd force me to work with this tricky color scheme, and I also really wanted to see what Blythe would come up with.

Personally, I tried to pick one dark color, the shirt, and then have a light brown to balance it out. To make the color combination something I was more confident working with, and to add an extra something to my outfit, I channeled Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and threw on a hot pink necklace.

I love both of our outfits and so I'm really excited to see what we'll come up with for our next top secret challenge. Here's a hint: this time, it's a color scheme Blythe's dreading working with!





Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Pants: Hollister/ Necklace: Old Navy/ Shoes: DSW

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