Monday, May 23, 2011

Tucked in Cardigan


Cardigan: Target/ Skirt: Gap/ Tank: Gap/ Necklaces: DIY and local festival/ Shoes: Toms

Did anyone else notice that my post title rhymed? I didn't even try! It just...came to me. Applause is appreciated. 

But apart from rhyming about fashion, I do think seriously about it. For example, I have a theory now that every girl should have a swingy, knee length white skirt. And a knobbly necklace. And a striped cardigan. Because that seems to be all I'm wearing these days! Although I haven't really worn them all together until now. And apart from crazily mixing all my staples together, I decided to do something even wilder. I tucked in my cardigan. Holy cow. I'm pretty sure there's some rule against that. But I actually really like it. It gives more interest to the skirt and a completely new shape to the outfit. A definite repeat.

But I promise, I'll mix it up a little more. Like, maybe with a different cardigan. Things might get crazy. 


P.S. I've entered this outfit in this week's Rule Breaking Monday (see the button on the side bar) and things are going a little differently this time! Instead of Elaine picking her favorite, readers will, and that outfit will be featured next week! So if you have a moment, will you please vote for me? Thanks! I really appreciate it:)



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  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for visiting!! I like the design here. Very clean and structured.


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