Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Lace!







Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Modcloth
Ring: Target

Okay, so this is the outcome of yet another sucessful Buffalo Exchange trip! i am in love with this dress. let's just get that out there and clear the air. I am in love. or, as john tucker would say, "I"m whipped." (John Tucker Must Die, anyone? btw, this conversation isn't getting creepy yet is it? Good.)
anyway, this dress is so gorgeous and fits me and was only 20$!!! yay!!! another thing that i love about this outfit is my ring. I named it. (not creepy, i promise.) but i think my ring is just so cool! i mean, come on, it's a freaking octopus!!!! how often do you find one of those?? okay, that was my little list of things i love, im going to go drool over pretty things now, okay? bye.



  1. Love the dress, what a great print! I'm also curious to know what you called your ring!

  2. Ooooh the back on that dress is amazing!

  3. Beautiful dress! I love the back! And your necklace is so pretty, too!

  4. Loooooove that dress!!! Funny I saw a post on the well appointed catwalk that octopus items are trending and now I see your awesome ring...oh internet. Sooooo now you must tell us what you are calling it!


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