Thursday, June 16, 2011

Times Two: Color Blocking



We both think that this playset in Blythe's neighborhood is the perfect background for color blocking outfit pics! 




Blythe: Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Charlotte: Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Gap/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: DSW

Continuing Charlotte's quest to discover what it truly means to color block, we decided to make this week's Times Two about color blocking! It was a little difficult at first for Charlotte to figure this one out again, but once she did, she rather liked it. To us, the key is simplicity--not trying to put too many things together and just letting the solid colors soak up all the attention. Although, if you don't want to go the complete minimalist route, we've also found that color blocking is a fabulous excuse to play with texture, like Charlotte did with her skirt, and subtle accent patterns, like Blythe did with her shoes. 

But, here's the moment of truth. The verdict: 
Charlotte: definite repeat (I seem to always say that!)
Blythe: probably

What do you guys think about color blocking? 

-Blythe and Charlotte 




And for your viewing pleasure: my (Charlotte's) heel fail: 


But somehow I'm still smiling? I guess that means I'm a true professional, guys. 

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