Saturday, June 18, 2011

Layers and Hiding Places


Cardigan: Target/ Shirt: Aeropostale (from forever ago)/ Skirt: thrifted/ Shoes: DSW

Edit: I forgot to tell you all! Sorry for the ridiculous amount of outfits with Toms I've been posting lately. But as you all know, my options are kinda limited. But I'm wearing heels again in this post (and the last one)! That's because my feet were doing pretty well those days, but they've been pretty up and down lately. I'm working on mixing it up a bit more though! Thanks for understanding!

For some reason, to some people, summer means refrigeration. Specifically malls and doctors' offices. It's a little ridiculous that I needed a cardigan in the summer, oh and yes that is a maxi skirt. Apparently in the summer you're destined to either be freezing or burning up. And I thought layers were only for fall. 

On another note, I seem to always take pictures with my hair in an elusive bun. Yes, I really do have more hair. It's just hiding. Behind my head. Somewhere. Maybe. 

Let me know if you find it. 




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