Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Dress: Thrifted H&M/ Scarf: T.J. Maxx/ Shoes: Toms 

While there are lots and lots of things that I love about summer, the heat is most definitely not one of them. I mean, what are you supposed to wear all day if you have to go outside when you really just want to be home in the air conditioning? A dress is a good start, but still. I'm not liking this "I need to wear as few clothes as possible" weather. Not cool. Ha. Literally. Oh that's sad. I promise that word play was unintended. Maybe my brain is still tired from being blown away by how amazing Super 8 was. Seriously. I didn't really know if I'd like it, because thriller/monster/alien movies are not really my thing. But I'm kind of obsessed with monster movies now. Going to the movies is the perfect summer activity to do while you're wearing as few clothes as socially acceptable. So that fits quite nicely. 


While you may have noticed that I'm wearing the Toms a lot on the blog (yeah, I know you're thinking still?! Yes. Still. ), I included them in this outfit more out of choice. Like I mentioned, it's ridiculously hot out, and so accessorizing is a bit difficult. However, this dress can look dressy easily (Oh geez. Did it again.), especially when worn with a scarf (which I never would have expected), so it can be a bit of a challenge to style this dress casually. Because I wanted to put together a casual outfit, I included the Toms, to dress it down, which worked perfectly!


Ignore that I'm cross-eyed. 


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  1. you are so cute! love the two tiered skirt!



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