Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things That I Love

so, i have no room at the moment. which therefore means i have no closet. which therefore means i have no clothes in my non-closet (follow all that?) which means that they are up in my attic, calling to me in my dreams. (Just kidding. i'm not THAT crazy...) but they are up in my attic and i am unable to get them until my room is done being re-done. so, i have been confined to my living room couch and i have all my stuff in multiple bags. and so, instead of posting an outfit, or something along those lines, i'm going to share some of my room-spiration, and anything else that i am currently in love with at the moment.
Room colors:

and a few pictures from around my house:








This song:

this guy:
                                                This guy is andy sixx from Black Veil Brides. i have been rather obsessed with him for the past few days (in a non-creepy way, i promise) and if you are at all interested in seeing more of him, i would suggest clicking this link ===>

then just some pretty pictures:

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