Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Thrifted



Top and Skirt: Thrifted/ Shoes: Payless/ Necklaces: Local Fair and Old Navy

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Sorry about the photo quality today! Today was a bit of a camera disaster. First my Nikon ran out of battery as soon as I turned it on (should have seen that one coming), then my back up camera wouldn't turn on at all (fully charged battery and all??), so I was left with using my cell phone, which explains the gray-ness/graininess of the pictures. But oh well! I did what I could, and the blog must go on!

Anyway, when I found out about the EBEW challenge today, I immediately thought of these two pieces. They're actually the only two thrifted things I have that I could actually get the smell out of, and they're both patterns, so I couldn't resist pairing them together. When I put the skirt on, though, it seemed a bit too much, since it's normally about calf length. The outfit didn't feel like me, and I decided it was the length. It felt too vintage, too overboard, and like something I would never wear. So I did a fake DIY and made it into a pencil skirt! It's simple: I just undid some of the buttons that go all the way down the skirt to the length I wanted, which was above the knees. Then, I took both sides that were caused by undoing the buttons and tied them together! There was still some length at the back, so I just tied another knot there. Just don't tie your knots too tightly, or else you'll be waddling everywhere. Ahem. Anyway. Just when I thought I couldn't find another way to incorporate knots into my outfit, I somehow do. I'm liking this trend. I realize it does sound a little more complicated without pictures, so I might do a tutorial or something later. 

Anyway, with my newly shortened skirt, this outfit felt more like me, but it was still missing something, so I threw on almost all my necklaces. Yesss. So much better. It's me! Just...thrifted. 


P.S. To see all the other amazing thrifted outfits, click on the little gray boxes above! Or here, if you don't feel like scrolling back up. 




No idea what's going on in this picture. I guess I'm doing a little jig. 

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  1. I looove the way you tied up the skirt! Divine!


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