Wednesday, July 20, 2011




Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Gap/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: Toms

It's actually kind of funny how things work now: this outfit is a bit crazy to me. I was hesitant to put it together, I was a bit stuck on what shoes to pair with it, but I've posted it on the Internet so the world can see my crazy idea. I was about to say that I might not wear this outside of my home to class or wherever, but then I realized this isn't true. I would most definitely wear this outfit out, even though I wasn't completely confident with it while I was putting it together.

This top hadn't been on the blog before (or at least I can't remember it) and so I thought it was high time I wore it. Since it was summer, I wanted to pair it with a skirt, but the combination of puffy sleeves and the ruffles on my yellow skirt just seemed way too girly today. The purple skirt seemed to fit better, but with just those two pieces, my outfit two years ago. I mean that personally, not in some cliche "fashion fad" way. It seemed a lot like an outfit I'd put together two years, or actually even one year ago, and it was missing something. Honestly, I threw this belt on as a joke. But then I actually really liked how it looked. Like I said. I was hesitant at first, but I like this outfit so much more than the two years ago model. 


The two year model seems to me now to be rather simple in that it's so sweet/girly (what with the flowers and ruffles right next to each other). Maybe it's my addiction to pattern mixing, but I like how the belt is completely different from the top and skirt, and it breaks up the two very feminine pieces.

So, like I said at the beginning of this post, this outfit is still a bit crazy to me, but I like it. It's different from the things I've put together in the past, and that's a nice change. I like where this is going.

Or maybe I'm just very analytical today, having spent a good bit of it doing English homework.



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