Tuesday, July 5, 2011




Top: UO/ Skirt: Anthro/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Belt: Vintage via Calico

Oddly enough, I seem to be encountering skeeters more often than usual this year. Not only was it the name of a main character in an amazing book I read, but it's also the name of the product designed to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Except I'm thinking it did the opposite, because I have a few new bites to show for these pictures. Sigh. Someone explain the benefit of mosquitoes again please. I forgot.

But anyway, I was really excited to post this outfit because it's one I've been planning for awhile. It's funny, though, because I doubt I would have thought of pairing these two pieces together a year ago, or even a few months ago. This little guess paid off though, because you guys will probably see a fall/winter interpretation of this outfit in a few months! You know, when there are no more mosquitoes around.




Here are some of the sad selection of best photos I was able to get last night! Clearly, taking pictures of fireworks is still a skill that eludes me. Seriously though, I know some people how took better pictures with their phones than my actual camera.





  1. Hahahaha, it's just hard to capture fireworks! The pics are actually pretty and does a fine job :).

    Love your outfit, mixing prints is something i want to do, but haven't in a super real way. Mosquito bites are the BANE of my summer. I live on the flippin 6th floor and still get them in my sleep in the summer. Le sigh. Small price I suppose for the warm weather :).

  2. I love this look! I thought at first it was a dress from a serious designer - the pattern mixing is that sophisticated. And I love that you two wear masks in your self style shots! I want to start doing that ; )

    So random - I'll reply to the FBFF thread - I hardly read it but for some reason, today I did.. well you'll see on my reply. THANK YOU.

    Oh and the reason for mosquitos: I don't know but you reminded me of all those childhood summers. When my (then, future, now current) husband tried to get me to move to England, his selling point was 'and we don't have any mosquitos there'. It's true! And I don't have a clue why not, but I don't miss them.

    And you caught the fireworks very well btw! Happy 4th. It's Jill from StreetStyle London (aka www.polkadot.tv) btw! Following you now on both bloglovin' and the other one. xox

  3. I'm totally digging this print-mixing! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani


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