Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wrong Time


Please ignore the water on my jeans. I'm not a slob! I promise!


Top: T.J.Maxx/ Tank: Target/ Jeans: Local Boutique/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Belt: Vintage 

I absolutely adore this top, but so far, I've only worn it with white tanks and dresses, so this time, I wanted to use some color. This naturally meant that I had to include my bright blue top and red jeans, but when I originally put this outfit on, it didn't feel like me. It almost felt like an outfit from the wrong time period, but not exactly. It's still modern, it just felt like it was missing something to make it more modern and me. 

Since this outfit didn't feel like modern 2011, I added the vintage belt. Haha. Want modern, apparently, go vintage! Because nothing says 2011 like a vintage hipster belt. Since I decided to include the belt, I wore this top as a crop top, which I haven't done before. As you can see in the picture above, it's a completely different silhouette than I've ever worn before, and I can't tell if I like it. That picture makes me look a bit pregnant, but I do kind of like the abstract effect, and in any event, it was worth the experiment! 





This is the face I make when my family strange people watch me walk around my back yard in a mask taking pictures of myself. You know, because I'm not I weird person. I do normal stuff. 


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  2. I love that belt and how you've paired it with the jeans :)


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