Saturday, July 30, 2011

Color Blocking Again



Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Gap/ Scarf: Target/ Shoes: Famous Footwear (or maybe Payless)

It's been awhile since I used color blocking in an outfit, so I decided to stick to solids today. Originally, I was going to wear my blue and white scarf as a belt, but then decided to go all out with bright colors: orange, yellow, purple, magenta. It was tempting to throw on a vest or some neutral to tone down all the colors, but since it's summer, I thought, why not? 

I've also been wanting to put a purple and yellow outfit together, but haven't really done it yet because those happen to be my school colors. I'm definitely not an aggressive school spirit person, and I'd probably wouldn't go to school wearing the school colors, just because it might lead to some awkward conversations: 

Random Student: Supporting the team, are you? Nice!
Me: What team?
 Random Student: The one playing a game today. 
Me: There's a game today? Wait, what day is it? What game season are we even in? Who are you?!

So, I don't wear school colors to school. And, yes, I have thought out this imaginary conversation before. 





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