Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black, White, and Sunshine

Top: Forever 21/ Jacket: Amazon/ Jeans: Gap/  Shoes: Payless

To be honest, this post almost never was created. Because nothing is more awkward then taking blog pictures while company is over. Especially if it's not one of your friends, but your brother's instead. And how exactly do you explain taking pictures of yourself in a mask, right? Anyway, I sucked it up, snuck out, and took these! And even in a new location! Yay! New corner of the backyard! Woot woot! And I'm actually really proud of how these turned out! I mean, is this ideal lighting or what? Yeah, I know I'm kind of a lighting snob. Whatever. I just don't always get pictures like these, so I'm glad I threw my pride out the window and took them anyway. 

 There's probably a lesson in that or something. 




  1. That last photo is spectacular! The lighting is absolutely incredible! That natural light is my favorite, and I love shooting during that time of the day.

  2. The pattern on that shirt is stellar! I think this outfit has a cool edge about it that could be worn to a concert... or you know, to school. haha

    And yes, yes you should be proud of theses pictures. The lighting is absolutely blissful!!


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