Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer in the Fall

Jacket: JC Penny's/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: UO/ Necklaces: Old Navy and a local fair/ Top: TJ Maxx

Even though this really is a summer top, I can't help but wear it as much as I can, even though it's starting to be fall. This is the second time that I've styled it for the summer/fall transition, though this one is a bit more summer-ish I suppose. I'll definitely be wearing it for as long as I can, probably with the help of lots of layers! The cut-outs can look like snowflakes, so maybe they won't seem so out of place in the winter! I'm definitely hoping so, especially with the help of long sleeves and vests or jackets. Sigh. As much as I really hate the cold temperatures of winter, I'm seriously looking forward to putting together lots of layered long as I don't have to wear an enormous coat over them to stay warm. 



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