Friday, September 23, 2011


Top: Buffalo Exchange/ Jeans: Delia's/ Vest: Nordstrom/ Shoes: UO/ Bag: Gap

I have to say, today was pretty awesome. Funny stories in History, going outside in Physics, and no tests in Math! Yeah, my standards for good days are kinda low and days like today really don't happen often at all. But it's also Friday, in case you didn't know, which makes today infinitely better. Fridays evenings are the best because you know you have the entire weekend ahead, and so I'm just soaking that all in while it lasts. Maybe I'm being a little over dramatic, but I really love weekends, especially when they're kicked off by awesome days like today. Woo! 

But anyway, about my outfit. That's why you guys are here, right? I woke up in a simple-outfit mood. So that's what I did. I normally try to break up blocks of similar colors in outfits, like this shirt and jeans, but today I just decided to go with it, and decided to add just one more other color! So this is my chill outfit. Or my "awesome chill Friday" outfit. 

And I'm never saying that again. 



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