Thursday, September 22, 2011

Times Two: Fangirling

blink pic2
Blythe: Shirt: Homemade/ Jeans: Macy's/ Shoes: Thrifted/ Sweater: Charlotte Russe/ Bracelet: Delia's 
Charlotte: Shirt: Homemade/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: UO/ Cardigan: Target/ Necklace: local fair

Yeah, we really just went there. Fangirling. Really. See, we're really big BIG fans of Doctor Who. It's pretty much the best show ever, and so a while back, we got a group of friends together and had a Doctor Who party! We watched episodes, ate some slightly Doctor Who themed food, and made t-shirts! Everyone's shirt was different, and these are the shirts that we made! Blythe's shirt is a reference to the episode Blink, and Charlotte's shirt is a reference to this amazing skit David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) and Catherine Tate (one of his past companions) did. Anyway, we all wore our shirts to school today (group picture to come), and this is how we styled them! 

Our outfits are pretty similar, but we mostly wanted to show off our shirts and not cover up any of the words. I mean, we wanted people to be able to read them, so skirts weren't the best option. But you'll probably see these these shirts on the blog again worn a few different ways!

Yes, we are hopelessly in love with the series, but we have no shame! Have you ever made shirts like this? And worn them in public?

-Blythe and Charlotte

Edit: And finally, the group shot! We seriously have the best friends! Say hi to Alice and Izzy (we just put the names by each person because it's kinda hard to explain who's who if you can't see his or her face) over at their blogs!

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-Blythe and Charlotte


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