Monday, September 19, 2011


Jacket: Amazon/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Tank: Target/ Necklace: Old Navy

I have to say, I really love getting back into the week routine on Mondays of taking pictures right after school, especially when it's so nice outside. Being outside for awhile my favorite way to transition between school and actually getting down to homework (even though I don't always start on work right after I get home). Hopefully these temperatures stay this way for a long time! 

I know I meant to take pictures every day and all, but that just hasn't been practical. Especially since it's rained and I can't figure out how to take pictures in the rain without ruining my camera. But I'm trying! The outfits I'm posting are still exactly what I wore to school (except for shoes--and maybe I add a few accessories here and there since I'm not in such a rush ;) unless I say otherwise. And I'm proud to say that it's been about a month and I still haven't repeated any outfits! Yay! Let's see how long I can keep that up...or how long it'll take me to have to repeat an outfit when I'm running late one morning ;)



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