Saturday, October 8, 2011


Top: Target/ Jacket: Amazon/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Belt: Vintage

I've only gone thrifting a few times, but needless to say, it's totally ruined me. I am now a shameless price snob. No more thoughts  of, Oooh fifteen dollars! Not bad for a top! No, no. Instead, I feel insulted when everything is over $5. It's a little sad, I know. But true. So of course, in actual stores in (gasp) shopping complexes, I get very excited if I find something at a thrifting price. I've had that kind of luck a few times, and so I decided to put together a cheapo outfit. Kind of. I mean, my shoes and belt were normal prices of $20 and $10, respectively, but hey, I'll take what I can get. For example, I snatched up this tank at Target a few weeks ago for $5, the jacket was an $6 Amazon find, and the jeans were $5. From Gap. Yeah, I practically hugged the poor Gap sales assistant when he told me that. I did do a little happy dance, though. In the middle of the store. No shame here. Of course, these cheapo finds just make me even more of a price snob (What? Ten dollars? Psh. Target, I know you can do better. Grumble grumble), but I love them to pieces. 



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