Saturday, November 26, 2011

Angry Means Fluffy Skirt

Top: Old Navy/ Vest: Nordstrom/ Scarf: Vintage/ Shoes: Amazon/ Skirt and Tights: Gap/ Belt: Calico

Okay, kids. This is where it gets complicated. (see what I did there? (3:40)) I'm wearing a skirt and it's not because this is an  outfit I put together because I didn't get to wear it to school. This is actually what I wore to school, minus the shoes. I didn't wear my brown shoes to school. I wore my sneakers to school with this outfit, tights, skirt, and all, because I got angry and tired of not wearing what I want. See, I can't wear the shoes I want to school because my feet were injured a few years ago and still haven't recovered, so I have to wear shoes with the proper support all the time, and only sneakers fit that requirement. So that means I have to wear sneakers all the time. I used to be able to wear Toms sometimes, but I can't anymore since my feet have gotten worse. And because of this, I don't like to wear skirts or skinny jeans because I feel like that calls attention to my tennis shoes, which I hate. So I just always wear jeans and tops instead of skinny jeans and dresses and skirts and all the other things I like. But the other day, I just got angry and frustrated and tired of jeans and so I just wore whatever I wanted, but still with tennis shoes. I've started doing some of my outfit posts in two parts, showing what I wore to school, and then how I would have worn that outfit if I could wear skinny jeans, etc, but even so, that day, I just wanted to wear a skirt to school, even with sneakers. 

Blythe asked me why I wore a skirt to school that day since I've resisted doing that for so long, and when I told her it was because I was angry about not being able to wear what I want, she said, "So when you get angry, you wear a yellow fluffy skirt?" Yup! Haha exactly!

What I actually wore to school: 

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