Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fringe and a Crop Top

Top: H&M/ Jacket: J.C.Penny/ Shoes: UO/ Jeans: Gap/ Tank: Old Navy

When I told Blythe that I'd just bought a crop top with fringe at the bottom, she gave me this look like, uhhhh what. And when I showed it proudly to my mom as we were checking out, she pretty much gave me the same look. So did my brother. But I love it. It looked a little funny on the hanger, though, since it has these half, the sleeves of a t-shirt, but shorter. It's a little odd at first, but I thought I might as well try it on, and I was pleasantly surprised! I love the kinda 30's poster design look the shirt has with the screenprinted part and that it's very different from everything else in my closet. I wasn't totally sure how I'd wear it at first, since I'm not brave enough to wear it without a tank or something underneath (and it'd break school dress code), but I also recently got this tank top at a crazy sale Old Navy was having and thought the colors would go really well together. My first plan was to wear it with a solid color underneath, but then I saw these two shirts lying together on my bed from my laundry, and I knew I wanted to wear a pattern instead. It's a little disappointing how much of the pattern/design on the gray shirt my jacket covers up, but it's still pretty cold here, and I felt like this outfit needed something structured, not relaxed like a cardigan. 


Because of the little fringe thingys on the bottom of this shirt, I really wanted to get a picture of myself spinning with them flying out, but it didn't really work. Here are some of my lovely attempts. The others will never see the light of day. 


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  1. Looking very beautiful, nice combination of different brands. Hey did you try Womens Fleece ever?


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