Thursday, June 7, 2012


And finally, some prom pictures! In my opinion, prom really was magical. The theme was old-fashioned circus, and even though a lot of people hated it, I though it was a great idea. I loved the venue, getting ready together with friends, dinner...but I do love cheesy stuff like that. We had a really great group and despite a little last minute stress (we forgot to make dinner reservations...thankfully we were able to make ones on our way to another restaurant!) it was amazing. 

I had a little dress drama though, which I tweeted about, since on the Sunday before prom, I realized the dress I had bought in November wasn't going to work. It had an elastic waist, which was perfect for my metal allergy (meaning no zipper, which is hard to find in a prom dress), but the embellishments on the shoulders did have metal! We couldn't figure out what else to do with the shoulders on such short notice while still making the dress fancy enough and it was almost a foot too long. Because of all those reasons, I found myself desperately searching all websites I could think of looking for another dress. I randomly scrolled through Piperlime, and actually found two promising dresses! We ordered them and though the dress I ended up with did have a zipper (which was a rather unpleasant surprise...that detail was not on the website) my supermom was able to cut it out and replace it with another piece of fabric just in time! I wore the belt on top to make it a little more glamorous, and off I went to prom! Thankfully, we have a whole year to figure out what to do with my other dress, and I'm looking forward to wearing it my senior year. I also had to wear my tennis shoes to prom because my feet were really hurting that day, but since my dress was long, I don't think it was as noticeable. 

So that was prom! Crazy, but wonderful! How was yours?


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  1. I never try to wear like this and if I have any chance I will try that, its a unique experience to most of us! It only once in our whole life!


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