Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pullis On the Brain

Like I've mentioned before, it's starting to be fall. As of the moment, I am completely obsessed with sweatshirts. But saying sweatshirts sounds weird to me. I almost always say "pullis" in my head, which is the German word. It's actually an abbreviation for the other German word, "pullover," but I like "pulli" much better. 

Any how, here are the current pullis that I love. Most of the ones that I've been able to find are in solid colors, which are great, but I love patterns and graphics and all that jazz. So here are a few of the patterned ones that I've been able to find, though they are sadly, a bit out of budget. 

All images taken from the respective websites listed below the photo. 

So the first few are $50 and the last one, $130. Dang it! Everything else though, I practically drool over. If I were to pick a favorite, it might be the very first one, and Blythe and I are both in love with the last one. So I'll probably just wait for things to go on sale. 

In the meantime though, I'm thinking about making my own...I really hate how fabric paint puffs up and makes the fabric underneath all stiff, so I want to learn how to screen print. Or I could work with cut out fabric in different colors and then sew them on. Anyway, I'm thinking about doing an owl pattern and/or an anchor. I've found some similar patterns on reasonably prised sweatshirts, but the image was tiny, and as you can see, I like mine to take up the entire front of the sweatshirt. 

As for solids, I have a few, and just recently discovered a few old ones in a closet. I'm not sure if they will fit yet. They will probably be a tad, or possibly quite a bit, big, but they'll be in the wash this weekend so we'll find out! 

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