Monday, November 22, 2010

What's On the Zodiac?

Top (from left to right): 123
Bottom (from left to right): 12

All of the pictures above are "Libra."

I've really been getting into zodiac jewelry, and out of all that I've found, Urban Outfitters definitely has the best. So, above are my favorites. All of them, except for number 3 on the top and 1 on the bottom (the same thing) are necklaces. The reason that I have two sets of pictures is because the top one shows the front and the bottom shows the back. I really love how on the two bottom ones, the actual constellations themselves are shown. It makes the pieces much more interesting especially since not a lot of people know what the constellation looks like. 

Of all of these though, my absolute favorite has got to be number 1 on the top and 2 on the bottom (the same necklace). I really love that it has the sort of rough edges, which is most visible in the bottom picture. It gives the pendant an organic and raw feeling, which I think is awesome. I also really like that the constellation has mini "diamonds" in it, which gives it a little something extra. The price is also fabulous, at $18, which is much less than the others. The only thing I don't like about this necklace is that it's only available in "Libra." That's kind of limiting and rather disappointing for a necklace that is totally amazing in all other aspects. 

While I also really like the silver necklace, it's bit out of my price range. But besides that, I really love it a lot. I find the symbol that's etched in the silver a lot more intriguing as a pendant that just the name of the Zodiac, but I still feel that $48 is a bit much. 

In terms of the bracelet, I like it, just not as much as the other ones. The only reason is because it's more of a "statement piece" and I tend to like the simpler things better. Honestly though, I would still wear this bracelet. 

Anyway, I think any of these would make a perfect Christmas present for yourself or a friend, especially with some pretty good prices (the bracelet is $24 and the silver necklace is $48). I know what I would ask for if I was a Libra!


To get the links for each piece, click on it's corresponding number right underneath the pictures. All of these images are from

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